MasterChef Singapore 2021 Contestants | Season 2 – Serial Updates



MediaCorp has returned with the amazing and interesting 2nd season of MasterChef Singapore for the year 2021 with top 12 participants (chefs).

In the grand kitchen of MasterChef’s these top 12 chefs will stand against each other to win the huge title and the MasterChef’s trophy.

MasterChef Singapore season 2 is judged by Audra Morrice, Damian d’Silva, and Bjorn Shen.

In the first episode, the first 24 players compete with each other, from them, we got the top 12 chefs in this season.

Therefore, it is ready to watch these chefs in the mysterious box challenge, team challenges, elimination and pressure testing.

MasterChef Singapore 2021 Contestants

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Sr no. Contestant Name Age Profession Status
1 Trish 31 Sales and Marketing Director Competing
2 Leon Lim 32 Private Tutor Competing
3 Nor 41 Homemaker Competing
4 Mitchelle 46 Flight Attendant Competing
5 Inch 32 Singer-Songwriter Eliminated
(28th February 2021)
6 Derek 23 Engineering Student Competing
7 Vasun 39 Private Tutor Competing
8 Oon Yong Tan 32 Dentist Competing
9 Danial Khalis 30 Courier Manager Eliminated
(28th February 2021)
10 Melissa 30 Hotel Operator Competing
11 Ganesh 31 Former Army Officer Competing
12 Zephyr 29 Real Estate Broker Competing

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