Anupamaa: Kavya’s dream shattered seeing Anupama in the house



Star Plus’s serial Anupama is coming with high quality drama in the upcoming story when Kavya gets huge shock seeing Anupamaa.

So far, we have seen that Apama decided to leave Shah house because she could not live in the same house with Vanraj-Kavya.

Kavya is super happiness to see AnuPama walks out of the house, and also from Vanraj’s life.

But later in Bapuji reminds AnuPama about Pakhi. AnuPama realized that her Pashi’s situation is not good, if she will leave the house, then it will affect her health.

AnuPamaa changed her decision to leave the house and tried to find out the replacement of Vanraj-Kavya.

Kavya’s gets huge shock, Anupama is back

On the other side, Kavya and Vanraj is not aware that Anupama changed her decision. Kavya thinks that she left the house.



Kavya starts building castle in the air that from now she will have to take Anupama’s place.

On the next day, Kavya starts her day to prepare breakfast for entire family by which she want to create a space in their hearts.

Later on, Kavya’s dream gets shattered when Anupama orders her not to enter into the kitchen.

Kavya gets huge shocked seeing Anupama’s presence in the house.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Kavya will stay quiet or she will create another plan to throw Anupama out of the house.

Stay tuned with for all the updates and latest gossip about Anupama serial.


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