Anupama creates HUNGAMA in Holi after drinking Bhang



Star Plus’s most favourite and dramatic serial Anupama is here for huge drama in the upcoming story when Anupama went crazy after drinking Bhang.

So far, apart from Vanraj, Shah is very keen to celebrate Holi.

Here, Kavya challenges Pakhi, she will color Vanraj first, and Pakhi replied that Anupama will be the first person to use color.

He locked himself in a room to protect himself from color.

On the other hand, Anupamaa is very happy to play with these colors and celebrate the first and last Holi festival 25 years later with Shah.

Kavya fell with her. Kavya was angry with her, but it was resolved later.

Anupama’s crazy avatar post drinking Bhang

Later on, everybody starts holi celebrations and by mistake Anupama drunk bhang.



Anupama gets intoxicated and she starts doing fun and dance in the holi celebration. Later, Anupama put ladder and climb to Vanraj’s window to apply colour to him.

Vanraj gets stunned seeing Anupama’s crazy and funny avatar. He realize that she is here to put colours on him.

Anupama tries to apply colour on Vanraj but he denies and warn her. But she is in her own tune and wants to put colours.

After a huge funny drama, Anupama will succeed to put colours on Vanraj’s.

Now it would be really interesting to see how Kavya will react seeing her defeat in the challenge.

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